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Looking for new business partnerships in Nassau, Bahamas? Want to delight your customers through meaningful & rewarding business partnerships?

At Enigma Massage, we consider that every business relationship is special in its own way and we wish to sign up for lasting business partnerships that extend benefits to everyone i.e our partners and customers. 

Enigma Massage offers body massages, waxing & wellness spa services in Nassau, Bahamas. Our Massage Parlor team of expert spa therapists ensures that every customer who visits once has an extremely pleasant spa day experience and joins us as a repeat customer. Our team’s willingness to serve and delight our customers has helped us stand out from other spas. 

As an EnigmaMassage business partner, you can rest assured that every referral you send our way will be greeted and pampered with the same spirit of hospitality & professionalism. 

Why Partner With Us?


We at Enigma Massage always find ways to keep our customers excited about their spa days. We offer special discounts to customers being referred by our business partners. This not just helps your customer save money on their spa days but also sends a message that your business really cares for their customers interests.


Partnering with EnigmaMassage spa and wellness studio can help you increase your own customer retention. All our existing business partners have experienced a noticeable increase in customer retention and repeat customers. A relaxing spa service (at discounted prices) often results in customers extending their hotel stay & gym memberships.


EnigmaMassage offers commission program for eligible businss partners to ensure that you stay motivated and always look forward to doing business with us. Everytime you receive a commission from us, it will remind you that we deeply care for our partners' interests and all our future transactions will be 100% fair & transparent.

How Can You Become A Partner?

To ensure that any kind or size of business can reach out to us without any hesitation, we’ve kept the process extremely simple. We also volunteer to do all the heavy lifting wherever required to ensure that your onboarding as a partner is as smooth as possible. Here are some simple steps you can follow to become a partner. 

  • Business Information

    First step is to share your business information and contact details. You can do this using our contact form or write to us at [email protected]. You can give us a call at +1 305-809-0936 or WhatsApp at +1 242-828-1157.

  • Our Team Contacts You

    We will review the business details you have shared and will contact you using the information you have shared with us. We can then discuss more details over a phone call or an e-mail thread.

  • F2F Business Meeting

    Provided all telephonic discussions go as intended we will then be able to schedule a face-to-face business meeting to discuss the crucial details.

  • Documents

    If all our business values align together and we find each other to be a perfect fit for lasting business partnership, then we can sign legal documents and officially begin our professional relationship.

What Type of Businesses Can Join Us?

If your business falls into any of the categories below, then feel free to send us your details and we can initial talks. We are really sorry for only accepting proposals from specific business types. We will keep adding more business types to this list of eligible businesses.




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