Four-Hands Body Massage Vs Normal Body Massage Therapies

How 4-Hands Massage Differs From Other Massage Types

As we know already, there are several different types of body massages one can enjoy on their spa day. Out of these some massage therapies like Swedish massage, Face & Scalp, and deep-tissue massages are extremely popular. On the other hand, there are body massages that are moderately popular and often confuse spa lovers. In this Enigma Blog article, we will try to demystify one such moderately popular massage type i.e. 4-Hands massage therapy.

People who have heard its name, often end up excusing themselves as they are not sure if it will live up to its name and price. Often they plan on trying 4-Hands body massage therapy sometime in the future, maybe as a one-time experiment. Mostly this is due to the fact that not everyone knows how 4-Hands massage is different from other massage types or what are its benefits exactly?

With that said, let’s find out more about this body massage therapy in detail.


What is Four-Hands Body Massage?

Unlike other therapies, during a Four-hands massage therapy, two massage therapists work in sync for one customer.

During this massage session, the two therapists practice a perfectly synchronized combination of strokes and kneading techniques to offer higher levels of relaxation. The synchronous combination of strokes from Swedish massage, Aromatherapy, and other kneading techniques produces faster muscle relief and increased pleasure.


What Does 4-Hands Massage Feel Like?

4 hand massage versus other massages


Quoting words of some of the EnigmaMassage regulars – a Four-Hands body massage therapy often feels like they’ve received two body massages simultaneously! Guess what they’re trying to say is that it was as relaxing and revitalizing as receiving two full-body massage sessions one after another.

Four-hands therapy is such an immersive experience that it puts both your mind & body in a complete state of blissfulness and joy. Those who try a four-hands full-body massage for the first time often stay hooked to it for a while. The experience is so unique and pleasing that all other massage therapies might seem less charming in comparison.


What are the Benefits of Four-Hands Body Massage?

If you still feel confused and not sure if four hand massage is the therapy for you, then here are some of the top benefits offered by this massage type. Check them out before you make a decision.


Better Relaxation & Muscle Realignment

Apart from offering deeper relaxation and reduced muscle tension, a four-hands body massage effectively realigns the muscles in your body. This muscle realignment and proper joint placements together help you recover faster from injuries by enhancing your body’s overall flexibility.


Improved Blood Flow & Relieved Knots

As a four-hands massage hits multiple parts of your body at the same time, it enhances the blood flow much faster than the other massage types. A combination of slow and long strokes simultaneously also helps relieve stubborn knots, increases oxygen delivery to body parts, and thus supports the healing process.

the 04-hands massage therapy does cost more than most full-body massages and we can call it the only major drawback of this amazingly unique therapy. But, we would suggest you try this massage therapy at least once if you are looking for greater levels of relaxation or you wish to find out the difference between Four-hands massage and other massages.


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