How To Make the Most of Your Spa Day in the Bahamas?

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If you are planning your spa day in Nassau city or anywhere else in the Bahamas then this article will help you make the most of your spa and body massage experience. Whether it is your first Bahamas spa experience or you regularly visit wellness spas, these tips will help you plan your day better and make the most of your spa day.

Stay Hydrated and Eat Right

Very few people are aware of the fact that eating right before your body massage or spa treatment can actually make a huge difference. If you plan to have your spa day today then we would advise you to start your day with a healthy and light breakfast meal. This will help you feel more energized and avoid all kinds of bloating during the day.

What To Eat On Your Spa Day?

You can opt to choose from all sorts of healthy breakfast meal options such as oats, fruit shakes, smoothies, boiled eggs, etc. It would also help you keep yourself hydrated during the spa day and also drink plenty of water a night before your full body massage therapy.

Staying hydrated and eating light will help you squeeze the most benefits out of your spa therapies. Body massages also work best when you are properly hydrated and have had a nutritious but light meal.

Just give it a try and you will definitely feel the difference.


Check the Spa Menu & Location

Selecting the right spa or body massage center is another important thing that can make or break your spa day experience in the Bahamas. An easy way to decide is to check out their spa service menu and ensure that all the services you need are there. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on the therapies you plan to enjoy on your spa day.

Next thing is to ensure that the spa you visit is near you. Let’s say if you are in Nassau city then make sure you look for a spa in Nassau.

Also ensure that the spa has good Google local reviews, and testimonials and has a calm clean space to help you unwind and relax properly.

Check For Mobile Spa Services

If you wish to enjoy a pleasant spa experience without going to the spa yourself. Then you can inquire about the traveling mobile spa services that let you enjoy the same spa services from the comfort of your home, hotel, office, or a yacht.

If you are in the Bahamas then do check out our Bahamas mobile spa service and get pampered by a professional spa therapist from the comfort of your home.


Follow the Correct Order

If you are going for multiple spa therapies then it is good to know in what order you will receive them. Following a correct order can definitely make a lot of difference to your overall experience.

Ideally, a spa day should begin treatment of your lower body parts and go up from there. If you are not sure what order you should choose then we would suggest:

  • Start with a foot massage or pedicure/manicure
  • Get a full body massage of your choice
  • End with a face and scalp massage or facial


You also ask your massage therapist for her suggestions and what order is ideally going to offer the most relaxing experience. Most Bahamas spa therapists will be able to guide you and help you decide better if you are not sure.


Take Advantage of Spa Packages & Spa Memberships

If you want to get the most value out of your money then ask your spa about their special packages or spa membership programs. If you are in the Bahamas, then you will be able to negotiate better if you ask for a full package with multiple therapies.

Most spas in the Bahamas will agree to give you discounted prices if select a package with multiple spa therapies or massages.

Some reputed spas also offer Membership Programs in case you regularly visit spas. Such memberships can help you save big on all your future spa therapies too.

Just ask your spa and you will know what they can offer.


Bring the Right Partner

Your spa day can become so much more fun if you bring the right spa partner with you. One can enjoy spas alone when they need some calm and quite time to themselves. But on other occasions, spa days can be a fun group or couple activity.

Be it your girlfriend/boyfriend, a colleague, or an old friend. If you enjoy their company in general then visiting a spa with them will be completely worth it and you both will end up having a great time together.

Spa days are also an excellent way to create wonderful and cheerful memories. A great spa experience is hard to forget and brings a smile to your face whenever you try to recall it.


Spa and Full Body Massage in Nassau, Bahamas

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