Body Massage Frequency – How Often Should You Get Body Massage?

Body Massage

Love the feeling you get after a relaxing spa day? Want to experience the same pleasant and relaxed feeling more often? If you are not sure how often should you get a body massage then keep reading to find out. The ideal body massage frequency varies from person to person and is often directly associated with your lifestyle or profession. Today, we will try to help you figure out the ideal massage or spa frequency for your body.

What’s An Ideal Frequency for Body Massages?

Bi-Weekly Massage Frequency

Frequencies for body massages depend upon the lifestyle of individuals. For instance, a sportsperson might choose to have massages once every other week. But busy professionals usually stay loaded with everyday work stress. They hardly get a day or two in a week to relax. For them, the frequency of full-body massages should be once every two and three weeks.

These frequent body massages will help them to cope with work-related stress. Massaging helps in relaxing tissue muscles, thereby relieving people from stress. People who remain stressed out can get benefited from massage. Body massage relaxes the nervous system of the human body. Body muscles and tight tissues get relaxed out of massage.


Once-A-Month Massage

A monthly massage frequency is enough for stressed-out people. Next comes the homemakers who do one of the most challenging and stressful jobs. Apart from managing the common household chores, like cooking, washing, or cleaning, they also take care of kids or newborn babies. It is quite difficult for them to find enough time to sit down and relax. Here also a monthly massage frequency is mostly enough to pamper all hard-working moms out there and help them recover from muscular fatigue.


Body Massages for Pain Management & Recovery from Injury

Well, the context of injury-related massages is completely different. Massaging heals soft tissue injuries by improving blood circulation in those areas. The frequency of injury-related body massages should be higher for severe injuries. Some individuals suffer from chronic pains in their back, shoulder, neck, or any other part of the body. The frequency of body massages for these individuals depends upon their pain score. It is better to consult a massage therapist to decide upon the body massage frequency best suited for their pain score.

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Wait Time Between Body Massages

Waiting time between body massages varies depending upon the necessities of different individuals. For example, people with chronic pain can see a therapist once in two or three weeks. Well, for the office-going people working strict shifts, it is necessary to get a full body massage once every two or three weeks. For athletes or anyone who plays sports regularly, the wait time between body massages is the least. Athletes or sportspeople need fast healing of scars and muscle tissues. So, they should be upon a regular body massage routine to be fit all the time. Thus, the lifestyle of people defines the frequencies of body massages.

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